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2012 Ferrari California improvements in weight and power

With the Ferrari California now three years old without a change, 2012 will reportedly breathe some youth back into this drop-top thanks to a bevy of internal engine component upgrades, as well as a lightening of the chassis and an improvement of suspension response times, according to CAR.

The list of changes – should they turn out to be true – are actually quite impressive, ranging from better-machined internal engine components including a micro-cast exhaust manifold, along with new engine computer mapping that all come together for a 30 horsepower boost from 453, to 483hp. It’s worth noting that the extra power is only available when the tank is topped off with 98 octane fuel, though the ECU will accommodate 95 octane as well. Torque also gets a bump, from 358 to 373 lb-ft of torque.

But that isn’t all that will be improved upon, as the magazine reports that lighter materials used on the chassis will help shave a very commendable 66.1 lbs from the vehicle, always a welcome change. Then factor in that the optional Special Handling Package will feature an upgraded magnetorheological suspension control system, resulting in a response time being halved from 10 to 5 ms. The dampers will also be able to switch between either extreme of hardest to softest, or softest to hardest in just 8 ms.

But that’s not all, either! The report also claims that the seven-speed F1 twin-clutch transmission will be added into the mix, dropping the zero-to-62 time of just 3.85 seconds, compared to the four-second time of the current model.

All in all, the performance changes seem quite thorough for a mid-cycle refresh, but will likely be a welcome change to prospective future buyers. As for cosmetic changes, the only update will come in the form of an optional silver grille, which will be matched by an equally unimportant upgrade from 30 to 40 gigabytes for the infotainment system’s hard drive – which will also gain syncing capability with Apple and Android phones.

What do you think about the improvements to the 2012 Ferrari California? Does it make it more appealing?

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